The SPF plans to sell eleven of the enterprises next year

ФГИ собирается продать одиннадцать предприятий в следующем году

MFI has shared plans for the next year

In the state property Fund, told about the plans for the next year.

The state property Fund next year plans to sell eleven major enterprises as well as the number of objects of small privatization. This was stated by acting head of state property Fund of Ukraine Vitaly Trebarov meeting of the American chamber of Commerce, reports on Tuesday, October 17, the press service of the Fund.

So, in the SPF plans next year the sale of such enterprises: Odessa port plant, Centerenergo, Turboatom, 6 from energy companies, Agrarian Fund, State food and grain Corporation of Ukraine.

“The Fund expects the transfer of the Agrarian Fund and SFGCU. The Turboatom is now working with the Cabinet to determine the amount of shares that will be offered for sale,” said Trebarov.

According to him, the HMO has completed the inventory, and the starting price of the enterprise will be determined in November.

“In November we will get a starting price, and in December of this year, if all participants in the process the deadlines are met, we have time to start receiving applications from prospective investors, to the spring of 2018 to enter the direct selling”, – said the head of the SPF.

According to him, sell Centrenergo to be held in the spring of 2018. For this purpose, the Fund expects in the near future from the Ministry of economic development, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of justice for approval as an adviser previously selected in the competition of the Polish branch of Ernst&Young for audit and valuation of shares.

The acting head of the Fund said that next year’s planned sale of stakes in Nikolaev, Kiev and Kherson CHP, as well as Zaporizhiaoblenergo, nikolayevoblenergo, ternopolyoblenergo, Kharkovoblenergo, hmelnitskoblenergo and Cherkassyoblenergo. Due to these sales, the Fund plans to accomplish in the next year budget plan of privatisation, previously amounting to 22.5 billion UAH.

Earlier, the SPF has prepared for privatization in 2017, three large public companies: the Agrarian Fund, State food and grain Corporation and the United mining and chemical company.