The sputtering gas at school in the Odessa region: the culprit

Распыление газа в школе в Одесской области: установлен виновник

In the incident in the hospital with the preliminary diagnosis of respiratory tract burn of pepper gas was delivered to 36 students at the school.

The number of victims of the spraying gas at the school in Odessa region increased to 36. On Tuesday, April 16, the press service of the National police in the Odessa region.

It is noted that after helping 26 students left the medical facility.

According to preliminary data, the pepper gas canister in school brought student of the 9th grade and sprayed him during a break.

Police seized pepper spray and decides on the involvement of the parents of the student to administrative responsibility.

Earlier in Brovary teen wanted to show off in front of a group of peers the subject of self-defense and sprayed unidentified gas in school.


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