The SSES received a plane-the hospital

ГСЧС получила самолет-госпиталь

The SSES received an-26 aircraft, equipped with medical modules

In the plane An-26 established Austrian medical equipment.

The state service of Ukraine on emergency situations got equipped with modern medical equipment refurbished and upgraded military-transport aircraft an-26 to perform their rescue functions.

“While the work was carried out overhaul of all components and assemblies of the aircraft, installed new navigational equipment, which allows you to fly beyond the territory of Ukraine, installed a security system that prevents a collision with other aircraft, the most modern medical equipment which allows to maintain the condition of the wounded,” he listed the work done during the ceremony the head of gschs of Ukraine Mykola Chechetkin.

He noted that this transport aircraft health appointments in the near future will be to carry out the corresponding tasks.

The aircraft is able to support the functioning of vital organs, two seriously wounded people and transport them to a distance of 2 thousand kilometers without landing.

It is equipped with 6 sanitary stretcher for the wounded who do not need intensive care, and 6 chairs for medical staff.

USA gave Ukraine a field hospital for $7.6 million

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