The stadium Chile national team was disqualified for homophobic chants

Стадион сборной Чили дисквалифицировали за гомофобские кричалки

FIFA punished the main stadium of the national team of Chile.

The Champions of the Copa America national team of Chile were fined for the behaviour of their fans. Earlier FIFA said about one match of disqualification of the Estadio Nacional, but yesterday the decision was made to disqualify the stadium for another two matches.

In addition, the football Federation of Chile needs to pay 30000 Swiss francs (about 29 thousand USD) fine.

It is worth noting that the English football Association has recently been fined 45 thousand pounds for the fact that their fans paid tribute to the memory of the war heroes images of red poppies.

– Chile have been fined £30k for homophobic chants. ?

– England fined £45k for displaying tributes to war heroes. ?#FIFALogic

– SPORF (@Sporf) 19 Dec 2016

Thus, Chile will need to look for another stadium to host home matches of the qualifying tournament for the 2018 world Cup against Venezuela, Paraguay and Ecuador.

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