The staff got sued Matios to Majenko

Генштаб получил иск Матиоса к Муженко

Anatoly Matios

Matios believes that the court must decide how legitimate is the decision Muzhenko on the prohibition of military prosecutors to visit places of deployment of military units and formations without the written permission of the management.

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios has filed a lawsuit against the chief of the General staff Victor Muzhenko due to limitations of the powers of military prosecutors. In an interview to channel 112 Ukraine he explained that on behalf of the head of the General staff military prosecutors admit in part, only for investigation and a written one-time pass.

“I long thought, whether to start a line of bureaucratic correspondence that leads to nowhere, and decided that the law gives me the right, and filed a lawsuit in the court, which should put an end to decide on the legitimate actions of the leadership of the General staff or not lawful,” – said Matios.

He added that in the past year thanks to the work of military prosecutors in the military units failed to prosecute in a guardhouse 630, to administrative responsibility – 1,300 soldiers.

“Now this requires a written permission of the management, which is not exactly interested in the removal of debris from private homes”, – said Matios.

The General staff confirmed that they had received this petition and meet with him now. “Officially did claim statements and processed. Measures are being taken to ensure adequate representation of the interests of the General staff of the armed forces in court”, – said Ukrainian truth by the head of Department on public relations of the APU Bogdan Senik.

Answering the question of whether the order has already Muzhenko, Senik explained that there is no order in fact was not.

“It (the document that complains Matios) was a telegram, signed by the Head of Department of legal support of staff, where appropriate, the legal explains the procedure for admission of workers of the military Prosecutor of the military control bodies and military units at the sites,” he said.

Earlier Matios lies blamed the Ministry of defence of Ukraine.


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