The staff showed the effects of shelling of Shirokino and Berdyansk

Штаб показал последствия обстрелов Широкино и Бердянского

Victims and victims among the civilian population there.

The staff of anti-terrorist operation published the consequences of yesterday’s shelling of the villages of Shirokino and Berdyansk Donetsk region.

“Yesterday, may 18, illegal armed groups shelled a residential sector on the Eastern edge of the village of Berdyansk and the village of Shirokino. This provocation militants carried out with the use of large caliber weapons, which banned the Minsk agreements”, – stated in the message on the page of the press center of staff ATO in Facebook on Friday, may 19.

According to the military, victims and victims among the civilian population there.

“From civilians nobody has suffered. Neither position, nor the Ukrainian military in this area is not” – said the headquarters.

Earlier it was reported that the shelling of Berdyansk completely destroyed two houses on the street Sea, several buildings were seriously damaged.

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