The staff will spend 92 million in military warehouses

Генштаб потратит 92 млн гривен на военные склады

Warehouse in Balakleya on which the fire occurred, was created in 1918.

At improving and ensuring the survivability of bases, warehouses and arsenals of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine this year is planned to spend 92,3 million hryvnia, said the representative of the General staff of VSU Vladislav Seleznev in the air of Radio Liberty.

“Last year was allocated 56,2 million hryvnia, this is 92.3 million. That is money to ensure the survivability of the warehouses are isolated and appropriately implemented,” he said.

According to him, after the bombings in 2005, at a military warehouse in Svatovo Luhansk region was carried out a complex of measures to improve security in all warehouses and arsenals of Ukraine.

According to Seleznev, the warehouse in Balakleya on which the fire occurred, was created in 1918. During the military operations in the Donbass twice encountered extraordinary events, related military target.

“Twice recorded the attack on the object. The first occurred on June 9, 2014 on the border of the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions. In the column, which was moving from Balakliia and was carrying ammunition, was attacked DRG. And the second occurred on 26 December 2015 under the same conditions as last Thursday. But then managed to avoid such fatal consequences,” he said.

We will remind that the fire in military warehouses in Balakleya two people were injured, one died.