The star of Liverpool, told how he ran away from home for your dreams

Звезда Ливерпуля рассказал, как сбежал из дома ради своей мечты

Sadio Mane

Sadio mane told how difficult he was to start his career.

Liverpool midfielder Sadio mane spoke about his difficult childhood and how difficult he was to start his career.

“When I told my family that I wanted to be a footballer, they were against it”, told mana in an interview with the club channel Liverpool.

“So one day in 15 years, I collected my things. I spoke with someone who was like a father to me, always tried to help. Said, “I want to leave the city and travel to Dakar, will help me to find the money for this?”.

No one knew. I haven’t even told my mom or uncle. My friend gave me money so I Packed my things and left. I went to Dakar a week and no one had no idea where I am. Mom called around, everyone was in a panic, so my friend said that I went to Dakar.

They sent brother that he caught me and brought you back. No one in my family believed that I will become a footballer”, – said the footballer.

Dedication Sadio will not go away and along with education, he finally received the support of his family.

“When I finished school, I said, “Okay, you want to be a footballer. Let’s try”.

Manet began in the Academy in Dakar, where he was noticed by French club Metz. At the age of 19 Sadio went to Europe, and he said mom once arrived in France. Despite all his rebellion, Manet maintains a very close relationship with his mother.

“Every day I talk to mom. Once in Southampton, my uncle tried to get her to come to the stadium. Mom came and left in two minutes. She can watch football, but if I’m playing.”

During his career, Manet managed to play for Metz and Red bull Salzburg, Southampton and Liverpool.

In the current season on account of Manet’s 8 goals and 5 assists for Liverpool in all competitions.

Earlier it was reported that the Liverpool player pleaded guilty to assaulting a girl.

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