The stars of dark energy exist – scientists

Звезды из темной энергии существуют - ученые

Space objects composed of dark matter similar to the black holes could explain the expansion rate of the Universe.

At the University of Hawaii at Manoa scientists have proven that some black holes are actually stars made of dark energy. It is reported

According to the research of some very massive stars in the collapse turn into “heady” objects similar to black holes, but containing dark energy is the singularity.

Scientists say that if some of the stars after the destruction turns into “heady”, they will be sufficient to explain the rate of expansion of the Universe.

Звезды из темной энергии существуют - ученые

Photo: NASA/CXC/Villanova University

These results explain the discrepancy of data obtained in 2016 during the observation of the consequences of the collision of two black holes. Then the predicted calculations are not complied with. The mass of the colliding holes appeared five times higher than predicted by the computer.

This is because “Geode” some time to grow, and during a collision, the resulting mass becomes 4-8 times higher.

Experts suggest that dark energy makes up about 70 percent of the mass of the Universe.

Before scientists have uncovered the ancient mystery of the origin of life. It was also reported that on the moon discovered an unknown substance.

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