The starting price of licenses for the launch of 4G is estimated at 6.3 billion UAH

Стартовая цена лицензий на запуск  4G оценивается в 6,3 млрд грн

To sell them is through an open tender.

The starting price of licenses for the launch in Ukraine of 4G is estimated at 6.3 billion UAH, said the head of the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communications and Informatization (NCCIR), Alexander Zhivotovsky, Interfax reported.

“The budget from the sale of licenses must obtain a significant amount. The initial cost of licenses, we propose to adopt the government, will be overall 6.3 billion UAH”, – he said at a government meeting on Tuesday.

Zhivotovsky said that the cost of licenses to run communications for 4G in the 2600 MHz band will amount to 2.3 billion UAH, in the range of 1800 MHz to 4 billion UAH.

“The sale of licenses should be implemented at a reasonable price. And the only way to justify the price to conduct the sale through an open tender. Such a sale should stimulate further investments in Ukraine, and the operators who will buy a license for 4G, needs to continue to invest in infrastructure development”, – said the head of NCCIR.

As reported Корреспондент.netin July 2016 in Ukraine for the first time tested the technology 4G LTE TDD in the range of 2300 MHz.

Also the Deputy head of the presidential Administration Dmitry shymkiv said that Ukraine is 4G once can be run by the fifth generation of. In his opinion, there can be a situation that the 4G licensing will no longer have meaning.