The state border service officers detained two cars that were looking for Interpol

Сотрудники Госпогранслужбы задержали два авто, которые искал Интерпол


On the morning of 10 December, the border guards of Belgorod-Dnistrovskyi detachment in the check point “Kuchurgan” stopped the car “Mercedes”, who was wanted by Interpol. This reports the press center of the state border service.

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“While checking the vehicle Moldovan registration, EN route to Ukraine, took place to trigger the database of Interpol. According relevant information it was determined that the vehicle is wanted in Italy,” – said in the message.

Another car brand “Toyota” in 2012, which also was on the Interpol wanted, stopped on 9 December at the checkpoint “Reni” Izmail border detachment.