The state property Fund decided on the price of the Zaporozhye aluminum plant

ФГИУ определился с ценой Запорожского алюминиевого комбината

Zaporozhye aluminium combine

The cost of a 68% stake in ZALK estimated at 278,37 million.

The state property Fund of Ukraine will expose on the auctions of kozakli Zaporozhye aluminum combine for 278,37 million. This was announced by the head of the Fund Vitaly Trebarov on his page on Facebook on Thursday, October 26.

In addition 98% of the shares of Kherson, the CHP will put up for sale for 75,74 million. The competition terms envisage the development of enterprises, environmental protection measures, implementation of social obligations to the workforce.

“The state property Fund reports for the privatization for approval to relevant ministries and agencies, after which they will be submitted for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”, – said Trebarov.

We will remind, the state property Fund has postponed the sale of the Zaporozhye aluminum plant for the first few months of 2018.