The state special connection service has eliminated the disadvantages of e-Declaration

Госспецсвязь устранила недостатки е-декларирования

Tomorrow shall issue the certificate of the system of electronic Declaration

The launch of the system electronic Declaration is expected on 1 September.

In the state service of special communication and information protection (GSSI) stated that to eliminate deficiencies in the system of electronic Declaration is now continuing the preparation of an expert opinion on the complex information security system (CISS) electronic declarations. This is stated in the statement on the Agency’s website.

In particular, the service reported that preparations for the certification began in the eve of Independence Day, when the NACP has received the necessary documentation.

Monday August 29 was completed “adjustment documentation and software in part to build a CISS Registry”, the statement said. The work was done by a subsidiary GSSI national centre for cyber defence and combating cyber threats.

However, the service stressed that predict conclusions about the certification system of e-Declaration is not possible, because the examination is still ongoing.

“On August 31 provided… the decision on the compliance of CSIS Registry requirements of normative documents on technical protection of information and issuance of certificate of conformity.

The state special connection service once again emphasizes that the decision on the compliance of CSIS and the issuance of the certificate is accepted by the expert Council on the basis of positive expert opinion, provided the results of state examination”, – reads the statement.

“The assertion that the state special connection service is obliged to issue a certificate, can be regarded and classified as illegal pressure on the experts and officials of state authority”, – said the Agency.

As reported Корреспондент.netignition system electronic Declaration was postponed until 1 September. At the moment it is locked.

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