The statement of the OSCE mission on the fact of shelling Yelenovka: Full text

Заявление миссии ОБСЕ по факту обстрела Еленовки: Полный текст

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Four civilians were killed near checkpoints “DNR” near Yelenovka the shelling after midnight on April 27.

At 10:01 on 27 April, the members of the SMM arrived at Lenin street, in the South controlled by “DNR” Yelenovka (23 km South-West of Donetsk), 650 m to the North of the checkpoint “DNR” and about 4 km to the East from the demarcation line.

The members of SMM observed cordoned off the scene with an area of 50 sq m, with two funnels and three damaged vehicles.

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Near one of the cars (he was upside down, actually broke in two, and burned, the front turned to the North-East) lay two bodies, one identified as male. The lost man with signs of severe head injury was in the driver’s seat of the second car, which was 10 m from the first and looked to the South. Rear car windshield was broken, damaged by shrapnel recorded both outside and inside the vehicle and damaged the driver side of the car caused by the shock wave. Dead woman (apparently she was hit in the face by shrapnel) was lying on the rear seat of the third car, which was about 20 meters from the second vehicle. The vehicle’s hood, windshield, roof and the interior sustained serious damage, and judging by the lines breaks a metal plating towards the rear of the car, the damage was caused by the explosion in front of the vehicle.

The fence and the roof of a nearby building (8-10 m to the South-East of the first impact in 11-12 m East of second impact) were also damaged. The size of the holes, caused by shrapnel, was a grapefruit. Window glass were broken. Fallen power lines lay across the first vehicle.

Members of the SMM conducted the analysis of these two funnels and two others in nearby residential areas. On this basis, the group assessed that the direction of fire – West to South-West and that the type of weapon that was used in the attack, most likely, a 122 mm artillery.

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Further North, on the street, members of the SMM observed some minor damage to homes and outbuildings demolished. After analyzing the three craters there, the SMM assessed that the direction of fire is more likely – West to South-West, and that the caliber of weapon used was not less than 120 mm.

And an armed member of the “DNR”, and two residents told the SMM that the shelling occurred at 02:45 on the same day.

The head of the morgue in the city of Donetsk said to the SMM that they had received four bodies of Yelenovka to this day: three men and one woman. In the hospital in the city reported that one man came in with shrapnel injuries.