The status of the GROUPS embodies the modern trends in the construction of kindergartens

СТАТУС ГРУПП воплощает современные тенденции в строительстве детских садов

The modern world can be characterized by the world of urban planning. Almost every free meter of land trying to master builders.

In such circumstances, the modern family is faced with a global problem – children’s preschool establishments, or rather their lack. And those kindergartens that still remained since the Soviet Union did not pass the requirements of modern parents. After all, it is important that their children develop according to their inclinations in modern techniques. In this case, it can arrange only private preschool and educational institutions.

For the development company STATUS GROUPS these issues have always been close and clear. After having worked at the Kiev market for more than 13 years should not only with modern technologies in construction, and worry about the needs of its residents. Therefore, the company as a socially responsible developer, many times performed works on reconstruction and construction of kindergartens and schools. For this, he has diplomas, certificates and letters of thanks from regional administrations and themselves preschool and educational institutions.

One of the priority directions of the company “the status of the guppy” – the creation of places for the creative development of children, where they can realize their potential. A qualitative solution of this problem requires from the developer is always looking for new ideas, technologies and follow new trends. After all, this is the construction environment, where there is our future. Realizing this simple truth, the development company designing the new residential complexes, pays special attention to the presence in them of kindergartens and schools. Indeed, the presence in the complex of kindergarten is an essential condition of comfort to the residents.

Recently commissioned the first house residential complex “Riviera” along with kindergarten. This object was important both for the developer and for the neighborhood. New kindergarten and primary school “Tangerine” has been successfully functioning on the territory of the LCD. Now tenants and neighbors adjacent streets a lot easier.

This became possible due to the fact that from 01 October 2018 entered into force DBN B. 2.2-4-2018 “Buildings and structures. Institutions of preschool education”. It allows you to place in residential buildings built-in and built-in and built-on preschool educational institutions.

The need for the adoption of this DBN is long overdue. Based on European experience and a new approach to the system of education has changed requirements to the premises of kindergartens and schools. Focus on individual approach in education led to a shift in focus from the location of the school building/garden to its functionality, ergonomics and proximity to the child’s place of residence.

Now designing built-in and attached to residential houses, kindergartens can provide them with a larger quantity at smaller sizes. And this is smaller groups, which contributes to the individual approach; fewer children in the group, which helps to ensure security; location close to home, where the familiar environment facilitates children adapt.

European experience has proved the effectiveness of this approach to the design of children’s educational institutions. Given the need of the neighborhood with a large area of private buildings, and adding new ZHK “Riviera” complex was built a kindergarten. At its base is and a primary school. It is an absolute convenience noted, all the parents who gave their children to this new school. Proximity to home is not only a comfort to parents, who save time on the road to the garden. It is also easy to adapt for a child who almost never leaves a familiar environment.

Development company “STATUS GROUP” always listens to the needs of its investors and takes over the construction experience of the advanced countries of the world. Perhaps it is because of this approach, it manages to retain its leading position in the real estate market in Kiev.