The status of the Groups provided charitable support to orphans

Статус Групп оказала благотворительную поддержку детям-сиротам

On 19 December, in celebration of miracles and protection, Andrew Strychalski, in the face of the company Status of the Group and myself, fulfilled the dream of orphan children in the social care centre “Aspern”

Development company Status Groups, led by Andrew Strychalski, is a social and charitable partner of diverse activities.

December 19, 2018, the Day of St. Nicholas, when made to help the poor and fulfill the needs of poor people, Andrew Strychalski visited center of socially-psychological rehabilitation of children “Aspern” and gave the children gifts, and charitable center of social assistance gave a washing machine in which they are needed.

Статус Групп оказала благотворительную поддержку детям-сиротам



“Charity “Status Group”, in my face, it’s a tradition. We help in the development of sports, assist the Ukrainian military in the ATO zone, as well as supported many other social and cultural projects. One of the most important directions – the help to children-orphans”, – speaks Andrey Strychalski.

Did not remain without a gift and he Andrei Petrovich, who gave the children hand made angel, and gratitude to the patron were presented by the President of the Foundation “Aspern” Vera Purse.

Статус Групп оказала благотворительную поддержку детям-сиротам



Activity of the company is construction of high quality residential and commercial properties in the city of Kiev. Andrey Petrovich, the head of the company never remained aloof to the problems and needs of the inhabitants of his native city. The company takes an active social position, and he Andrei Petrovich encourages entrepreneurs to take an example and support those who need it, those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

“Humanitarian aid for orphans in a day is especially important. We give them a piece of yourself, your time, your caring, that they felt that we are with them. After all, they expect us with impatience,” says Andrew Strychalski.

Статус Групп оказала благотворительную поддержку детям-сиротам



Also the head of the Supervisory Council noted that no matter how much You gave for a good cause, more important internally to understand the need for this. After all, the first and the most basic form of charity is to live honestly every day, caring about colleagues and business for work, and about friends and relatives at home. You have to take care effectively, working on the max life.

“Philanthropy for me is not only the desire to help, I first and foremost, find opportunities, which can realize someone else’s dream. We have a culture of charity in society. I believe that this is – slowly but surely – we can continue to change people’s lives for the better,” said Andrei Strychalski.

Company Status Groups continues to help children and plans to expand fruitful cooperation with other foundations and charitable organizations.