The status of the Groups, the sponsor of the International Boxing match among boys

Статус Групп спонсор проведения Международного боксерского матча среди юношей

Kiev school of “Logos” April 20, 2019, with the assistance of the development company Status Groups, took place the international match meeting on the Boxing match between national teams of Ukraine and Slovakia.

Co-organizer of the event was also the sports club “Good.”

The fight took place in a friendly atmosphere, consisted of 8 fights among young men, juniors and men who received prizes, gifts and moral support. The fight was 3 rounds of 3 minutes.

Strychalski Andrey Petrovich once provided charity support to orphans, soldiers of the antiterrorist operation, actively participated in conducting various tournaments among youth. He focuses on the victory of every young party that represents our generation. Being a successful developer and honestly conducting his business, he instills in the hearts of the families a sense of permanence and confidence in the future. Strychalski A. P. believes that support of such projects as football, martial and creative activities to fully develop a personality, carrying it through the heart of every child’s healthy spirit of competition. The company’s motto of: “Fair competition in any field from an early age hardens and gives everyone a chance on places of glory.”

The main catalyst in the preparation of the kids had daily crosses, in the hard work, dedication, and belief in yourself. Weight category data of the European and world Champions in the tournament were from 41,5 to 65 kg. They impartially examined by the judges of the national and international categories. Interestingly, team spirit Ukrainian athlete accumulates a win-win in it all forces and gives a powerful impetus to further victories!