The stock market found garbage stocks by 25 billion UAH

На фондовой бирже нашли мусорные акции на 25 млрд грн

Massive violations identified on the exchange

Entrepreneurs conducted a large-scale manipulation on the stock exchange.

Officials of a number of enterprises in Kiev conducted a large-scale manipulation of the stock market. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor General.

Officials of a number of enterprises in Kiev, use the entities carried out financial transactions with funds that were received for allegedly purchased securities promissory notes from the real sector of the economy that are not actually implemented, with the aim of withdrawal in the illegal circulation and exchange them for cash.

Securities received, which value is artificially inflated by tens of times, used by the organizers of criminal activity for their further legalization.

These manipulations also allow you to use these securities as an instrument for the subjects of the real sector of the economy in illegal schemes to minimize the tax burden and tax evasion.

Thus, note in Prosecutor’s office, monthly, a specified criminal group to the real economy is implemented “junk” securities for a total amount of more than UAH 1 billion.

“As a result of this criminal activity on the stock market of Ukraine are currently in circulation, “junk” securities of 38 issuers for the total amount unreasonably high capitalization of about 25 billion UAH”, – informs a press-service.

Pre-judicial investigation proceeds.

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