The Strangeness Of Yushchenko. Than were surprised the President of the beekeeper

Странности Ющенко. Чем удивлял президент-пчеловод

What unusual things were seen for the third presidents of Ukraine.

Third President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has called on the eve of Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ilya Repin and Tchaikovsky prominent figures of the Ukrainian national culture, sparking mixed reactions on social media.

At the meeting with students of Kyiv University of culture, organized by Mikhail Poplavsky, Yushchenko was talking about Ukrainian culture.

“What civilization brought the world. How many unique masterpieces, nachine from Tripoli, we gave the world. How important it is to have your nacionalinis the Louvre and say that Repin – repa is a Ukrainian artist and Tchaikovsky – Chayka is a Ukrainian composer. Dostoevsky is a Ukrainian writer. In this series you can include thousands of names, who created Ukrainian culture, some in Russian, but Ukrainian culture is the essence”, – said the former President.

This statement has puzzled many, but if you look at the origin of the above-mentioned figures, the words Yushchenko does not seem so strange.

Painter Ilya Repin was born in Chuguev, Kharkov province, and his work had a lot of works devoted to Ukrainian culture, such as the famous painting “the Cossacks writing letter to Turkish Sultan”.

Странности Ющенко. Чем удивлял президент-пчеловод

The grandfather of the writer-philosopher Fyodor Dostoevsky served as an Orthodox priest in the village Viitivtsi now in Vinnytsia region.

Great-grandfather of the composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky on the paternal side was descended from the Orthodox gentry of the Kremenchug County and was a descendant of the famous in Ukraine kind of Cossack Gulls.

Whatever it was, but Yushchenko has repeatedly surprised the Ukrainians in their own words or actions. Корреспондент.net remembers what it was.

The President-the recluse

Viktor Yushchenko almost does in recent public statements and, apparently, he pulled away from Ukrainian politics.

Странности Ющенко. Чем удивлял президент-пчеловод


At the moment, the third President lives in the village near Kiev, the Ukrainian builds the temple and the Museum Code of the nation, and conducts research on Tripolye culture.

During the reign of Yushchenko, analysts say the time of the birth of the middle class in Ukrainian.

When it is the minimum pension increased by 10 times, allowances for the birth of a child 36 times. Simply put, people have money, but in Ukraine he is remembered as a weak and soft President.

It is noteworthy that in 1996 the post of the NBU Governor Yushchenko carried out a successful monetary reform and the following year it was included in six of the most successful bankers in the world. Due to its policy finansowy crisis beat Ukraine in 1998.


The President-the beekeeper

For Yushchenko firmly entrenched the title of the main Ukrainian beekeeper. After leaving politics, he said: “Now I have time for wife, children, grandchildren. For beekeeping in the end”.

In 2012, he told me that he has three apiaries, one in Bezradichi, the second – in the Chernihiv region, and the third in Cherkasy.

Last year, Yushchenko went to Poland as the first beekeeper of Ukraine.


National Bank head chef

In 1996, Yushchenko in the apartment of an American journalist of Ukrainian origin gathered members of the media to communicate with the head of the NBU in an informal setting.

The story of the photographer Ephraim Lukacova, Yushchenko has offered to cook Slobozhansky dish – scrambled eggs with lots of onions and bacon. Donning aprons, took over the cooking.

Despite the presence of vodka, Yushchenko six hours absolutely no emotion, monotone, he talked about the economy, drawing graphs and charts.

At twelve-thirty at night white fluffy chubby cat climbed on the back of his chair and instantly fell asleep.


The President-the seller

This year the social network was discussed by Yushchenko, who noticed a flea market in Kiev. At the metro station left Bank, the Ukrainian President allegedly was selling vintage Ukrainian embroidered shirts.

Later he explained that he “never trades”, and on Saturday at half past nine in the morning for the last 40-35 years comes at a flea market for free coffee.

Странности Ющенко. Чем удивлял президент-пчеловод



“The last 35 years I collect ethnic Ukrainian rural things. And I think that a greater number of Ukrainian rushnyk than me, no one, especially the Hetman of Ukraine. Ukrainian costumes, no one either as much. So on Saturday I have a 3-4 point where I sit on a plastic chair, the seller gives me a free Cup of coffee and we sit 20-30 minutes and understand that it is through the expedition brought from the Ukrainian village in the Museum, which I do. Then I was caught. And then came the girls, put the kids and asked me to photograph,” – said Yushchenko.




Last year, the Internet discussed points Yushchenko. In the pictures of the people’s Deputy Andrey Lozovoy it is seen that the ex-President draws diagrams in stylish glasses for vision yellow.

Network Yushchenko called a hipster.

Странности Ющенко. Чем удивлял президент-пчеловод

The President is innocent

This weekend Yushchenko brought Residenza Mezhyhiria became a symbol of corruption in the information field.

He Savel that Yulia Tymoshenko, leader of Batkivshchyna, had planned to live in this residence and that area went to Viktor Yanukovych, because he “could not affect it.”

Странности Ющенко. Чем удивлял президент-пчеловод



The words of Yushchenko provoked sharp criticism from the party Batkivshchyna, who said about the mental problems of the ex-President. Корреспондент.net previously figured out who was talking about.