The student “went to hell”. Sex scandal in national police

Студентка "попала в ад". Секс-скандал в Нацполиции

Around the national police and the RRT of the sex scandal

The girl accused the official of the interior Ministry in harassment and threats, but then deleted all the records and apologized. The scandal associated with the GBR.

In Ukraine scandal around sexual domagatelstva and threats in which the KPI student Natalia Buraco accused the official of national police Alexander Varchenko.

The Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings on the statement of the girl, but soon she apologized to Varchenko and deleted all their posts with accusations Facebook. Корреспондент.net tells details.

Threats and cut off the legs

November 7, nineteen-year-old student of Kiev Institute politechnico Natalia Buraco published in his account on the Facebook post with accusations against the Deputy chief of Department of protection of economy of Ukraine Alexander Varchenko.

She wrote that talked to him in the Dating app Tinder. According to Boreyko, in the beginning it was “unobtrusive communication of the evening.”

Студентка "попала в ад". Секс-скандал в Нацполиции



“He seemed a gallant man and a gentleman, showered with compliments and sent postcards, boasted of his connections and position in society,” – said the publication of the girl.

Later, in her words, he began to insist on intimacy, and after refusal began to threaten with physical violence.

In support of this she cited the screenshots of the conversations that led to her Tinder user with a photo Varchenko. They have the threat of repetition of the fate of compatriot Natalia – activist Catherine Gandzyuk, who died after the assassination attempt.

Then, according to Natalia, she received a bouquet and a box with chicken legs. The source from Tinder said it was a “gift” from him.

Студентка "попала в ад". Секс-скандал в Нацполиции


“Your legs could be in this collection, but while we are friends, this will not happen. I don’t require much – just be with me and you will live a rich life…” – said in one of the screenshots correspondence.

She also began to write threats from unknown numbers, and relatives.

Criminal case and the position of Varchenko

7 Nov, late in the evening, a member of the Board of the interior Ministry Anton Gerashchenko went to look for Natalia, Boreyko in the hostel, KPI. Her friend when Gerashchenko called Natalia, but she said anyone did not want to chat.

Later he wrote to Facebook that the situation, in which hit girl is a “fake common”.

November 8, the Moscow Prosecutor’s office received an appeal on behalf of Natalia Buraco about threats and harassment and opened criminal proceedings.

“An appeal is considered. The data included the Unified register of pre-judicial investigations. Criminal proceedings opened under part 1 of article 129 (“Threat by murder if there were real grounds to fear the realization of this threat”).

Студентка "попала в ад". Секс-скандал в НацполицииShe left the treatment in a special box

The investigation will deal with the Main Department of the SBU in Kiev and Kiev region. Procedural guidance will be to carry out the capital prosecution.

In the night of 7 to 8 November in Facebook profile that allegedly belongs to Alexander Varchenko, there was a denial of the charges.

The man said that together with family “was the victim of horrible media attacks” that are not familiar with Natalia, Buraco and did not communicate with her in any messengers.

He stressed that he is ready to give irrefragable testimony to law enforcement agencies.

Студентка "попала в ад". Секс-скандал в Нацполиции



As noted by the media, post Varchenko in Facebook quickly became popular, gathering thousands of likes, most of whom left probably not real people, because among them were a large number of accounts with Arabic or Latin names.

Varchenko also appealed to the President of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev with the request to conduct an audit published online accusations of sexual harassment.

Buraco apologized and deleted the post

On the evening of 8 November Natalia Buraco wrote in a Facebook post with an apology.

“I am very ashamed. I Bureiko Natalia, wrote a publication about the threats from the Alexander Varchenko on the social network Facebook, do not understand the situation and not realizing his actions,” wrote a student.

She added that she wanted to protect herself, but harmed others. Boreyko noted that I had no moral right, she had no reason to believe that she was threatened by it Varchenko.

“I was the victim of a cynical provocation against Alexander and his wife. I admit that the account has been created by hackers from Russia to discredit officials of the National police and the State Bureau of investigation”, – stated in the published post.

The girl apologized Varchenko and members of his family.

“Alexander Varchenko and his civil wife are decent people. I’m ashamed that I became a victim of a Scam and have unwittingly participated in this dirty media campaign,” added Buraco.

She asked reporters not to bother her, her family and police family Varchenko.

Студентка "попала в ад". Секс-скандал в Нацполиции

The case against GBR

The civil wife of the official Olga Varchenko is the Deputy Chairman of the State Bureau of investigation.

She said that the scandal with her husband directed against it in connection with the appointment of the acting Director of the state Bureau of investigation. This is with reference to own sources, write Ukrainian news.

According to the newspaper, the Director of RRT novel Pipe went on vacation, and Olga Varchenko will be his acting, as it is his first Deputy. Leave the Pipes will last for two weeks.

An hour after the first post, Boreyko in the Cabinet convened an external Committee, which selects candidates for senior positions in the State Bureau of investigation – new law enforcement Agency, which must investigate the crimes of non-corrupt officials: former and current presidents, Ministers, deputies.

The state Bureau is unable to start, because there are still no heads of key divisions: the head of the Roman Pipe blocked 27 candidates for these positions in August of this year.

He explained that the fact that they have not seen their results to undergo a polygraph, and the part of the candidates appear in journalistic investigations and criminal proceedings. Almost a week ago, November 2, Pipe initiated a new competition for the 27 vacant key positions. This week, the Pipe went into a two-week vacation.

The duties of the first Deputy Director of the RRT – Olga Varchenko. Now the external Commission decided that the re-or new competition is not necessary.


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