The study of the Committee of voters showed who really is the opposition against the authorities.

The study of the Committee of voters of Ukraine revealed who in fact the opposition against the government. This opinion was expressed by political analyst Andrei Zolotarev, commenting on the findings kiu “the Anniversary of the government: managed Groysman to cooperate with the Parliament”.

The study revealed that “for” the draft laws of the authorship of the Cabinet voted 65% of the deputies of “Samopomich”, 60% – Radical party of Oleh Lyashko and 50% of the votes of the government gave the deputies of the “Batkivschyna”. In particular, according to the expert, the results clearly demonstrate that the political forces who make loud statements against government policies, in fact their votes support the initiatives and actions of the Cabinet.

“The calculation of these forces is clear. The Ukrainians are poorly oriented in the personal voting in the Verkhovna Rada. Its position the voter to a greater extent forms the basis of the speeches of politicians in Parliament or on the various talk shows. The study clearly indicates that these political forces share the responsibility together with authority”, – said Zolotarev.

According to the analyst, the position of the “Opposition bloc” in support of the initiatives of the authorities is evident, only 19% of MPs the “opposition bloc” voted for government initiatives. But the voting stats “Vidrodzhennya” is contrary to the established stereotype of the parliamentary group as the satellites of power. Only the fourth part of the group, 27% of the deputies supported the initiative of the government.

“The logic of explaining a group’s position clear: “Vidrodzhennya” has positioned itself as a group representing the interests of the real sector of the economy, the sector which produces goods and exports, earning foreign currency for the country. The policy of the government today plays into the hands of importers. Of course “Vidrodzhennya” does not support the bills of the government dramatically reversed their position. In General, we can say that the study of the CVU once again showed that the opposition in words is not an opposition at the level of action and of voting in the Parliament,” concluded Zolotarev.

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