The supply of liquefied gas in the US, the EU grew by 180%

Поставки сжиженного газа США в ЕС выросли на 180%

For seven months of the new agreement, the import of American LNG to the EU countries grew docti to 8 billion cubic meters.

25 Il 2018, the import of American liquefied natural gas to the EU countries increased by 181% to 7.9 billion cubic meters per. This was announced on Friday, 8 March, European Commission spokesman Alexander Vintershtayn, writes TASS.

“Since the adoption of the joint statement the EU and US July 25, 2018 on the expansion of strategic trade import growth of liquefied natural gas to the EU from the United States for the year grew by 181%, to 7.9 billion cubic meters compared with the same period last year,” he said.

According to the materials of the European Commission, “for the first two months of 2019, the volume of export of liquefied gas from the US to the EU amounted to 12.6% of total European gas imports”.

Earlier in Germany stated that they intend to build at least two terminals for receiving liquefied natural gas in the framework of diversification of gas supplies.

It was also reported that Berlin is willing to meet US in a dispute about Nord stream-2 and increase imports of American gas.

In addition it is worth noting that the US and Poland signed three contracts for the supply of liquefied natural gas with a total volume of 7.25 billion cubic meters Deliveries will begin in 2022 after the expiration of the contract with Gazprom.


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