The Supreme commander of NATO in Europe: Russia may be supplying fighters for the Taliban

Верховный главнокомандующий НАТО в Европе: Россия, возможно, поставляет боевиков для "Талибана"

Curtis Scaparotti

Russia may be helping Taliban in fighting against U.S. forces and NATO in Afghanistan, says us General. This was stated today by the US army General Curtis Scaparrotti, the Supreme commander of NATO in Europe, during a speech in the Senate, according to Al Jazeera. “I saw the influence of Russia in recent times, increased cooperation, and possibly even supply the Taliban,” said Scaparrotti. The General also said that the likelihood that Moscow helps deliver fighters has increased.

Russia denies providing any support to the Taliban and claims that her participation is limited in order to put the parties to the conflict to the negotiating table.

Scaparotti did not specify what exactly can Russia supply the Taliban.

Earlier representatives “the Taliban” has informed Agency Reuters, that they have established important contacts with Moscow at least since 2007, the militants said that Russia’s involvement does not go beyond the “moral and political support.”

In addition, last month, General John Nicholson, commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, said that Russia is providing support and diplomatic protection to the Taliban to undermine U.S. influence and defeat of NATO.

After more than 15 years of war, the generals of the army of the United States argued that the conflict in Afghanistan has stalled. The Taliban continues to provide a broad regional influence, and the Afghan security forces, supported by NATO, continue to fight the militants.

Recall that NATO troops are fighting in Afghanistan after the invasion under the leadership of the United States in late 2001 after the September 11 attacks. About 13 thousand NATO troops in Afghanistan, mostly Americans. According to Scaparrotti, the stakes are very high. Since the beginning of the war had killed more than 1,800 American soldiers.

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