The Supreme Court refused to hear claims for amounts of less than 176 thousand

Верховный Суд отказался рассматривать иски на сумму менее 176 тысяч

The court of cassation is not engaged in minor Affairs

The court stated that the appeal not subject to appeal judicial decisions in minor cases. These include cases in which the value of the claim does not exceed 100 living wage.

In the civil Cassation court of Ukraine refused to open proceedings on a dispute on compensation for material damage in the amount of 150 613, 28 UAH, due to its insignificance. On Wednesday, March 21, according to the Country.

The judge-Rapporteur explained that under the law, are not subject to cassational appeal of court decisions in minor cases. The latter include cases in which the value of the claim does not exceed 100 living wage for able-bodied persons (1 January 2018 – 1762 UAH).

This means that the minimum threshold is now 1762х100 = 176 200 hryvnia.

The lawsuit was filed in October 2017, when the subsistence level was UAH 1684, and the court of appeals made the decision after December 15 (the date of entry into force of new procedural codes).

However, the court ruling stated that the court may refer the matter to the category insignificant at any stage of its consideration.

As reported, Ukraine started a new Supreme Court.

Earlier he was elected the new President of the Supreme Court.


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