The Supreme court upheld the removal of immunity from Savchenko

Верховный суд признал законным снятие неприкосновенности с Савченко

Cassation administrative court Supreme court upheld the removal of parliamentary immunity from independent MP Hope Savchenko.

Cassation administrative court Supreme court upheld the removal of inviolability from the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Hope Savchenko. This is stated in the decision of the Supreme court of 11 September.

According to him, in June Savchenko filed a lawsuit in the court in which he asked to recognize illegal the inactivity of the Happy verification of the sufficiency, legitimacy and validity of the submissions made to remove her immunity.

She also requested the Supreme court to recognize illegal and to cancel decision of the Parliament on the granting of consent to bringing her to criminal liability and arrest of the Deputy.

The claim Savchenko was based on the fact that the contested decision wrongly taken Happy, with the excess given statutory powers and in a manner not specified by the Constitution and laws.

In its opinion, the Parliament adopted the resolution without taking into account all circumstances relevant for decision-making, biased and under pressure, unfair and unreasonable, a flagrant violation of the principle of equality before the law, disproportionately, in particular without complying with the necessary balance between the adverse consequences to the rights, freedoms and interests of the Deputy Savchenko and purposes, the achievement of which directed the decisions and actions.

She also referred to the violation of the principle of equality before the law and admissibility of evidence in proving a criminal offence.

Savchenko noted that Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko in his speech in Parliament did not lead specific evidence of her guilt and his accusations were based on assumptions and on illegally obtained evidence.

The Supreme court rejected these arguments Savchenko, noting also that the procedure of adoption of resolutions of the deputies were not violated.

In the end, the court fully rejected the Deputy’s claim.

The decision may be appealed to the Grand chamber of the Supreme court.

We will remind, on March 22 the Verkhovna Rada has deprived Savchenko of parliamentary immunity and granted permission for its detention and arrest. Soon the court to put politics into custody.


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