The suspect in the treason Colonel of bezyazykov on hunger strike

Подозреваемый в госизмене полковник Безъязыков объявил голодовку

Mat Colonel Ivan bezyazykov

DNR released from captivity Ivan bezyazykov announced an indefinite hunger strike in jail Lukyanovka.

Suspected of treason Mat Colonel Ivan bezyazykov, which is in bow ‘ Yaniv prison, declared an indefinite hunger strike. This was reported by the wife of the prisoner Margaret Kushnirov, reports hromadske TV.

According to the woman, announced a hunger strike not only bezyazykov, but “fighters Tornado and other people.”

Kushnirov noted that the health status of the husband does not allow to declare a hunger strike and does not know whether the jail physician and whether it is for health Bezyazykov.

“We agreed that if he gets sick, he stops hunger strike,” said the wife of the Colonel of the APU.

The last time Kushnirov saw her husband in early may.

Recall Bezyazykov released from captivity of separatists, in which he remained for two years, in July 2016. After a few months the Colonel was arrested on suspicion of working for the DNR.

Colonel APU was sentenced to eight years for treason

SBU investigators announced Bezyazykov about suspicion in Commission of high treason.