The suspect ran away. New facts Gandzyuk

Подозреваемый сбежал. Новые факты дела Гандзюк

The answer to this question is not so far

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko claims that all customers and organizers of murder of the former adviser of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk installed. Here are just suspicions so no one hand.

With the death of Katya Gandzyuk’s been a month, but there is no investigation. Although the attorney General says that all customers and organizers of murder established.

Installed but not arrested and not even named. One of the new suspects, and all have been in the Dominican Republic.

Correspondent.netunderstood what was happening in Gandzyuk.

Statement Lutsenko

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko claims that all customers and organizers of murder Gandzyuk installed.

“We have several dozen versions, but at the moment we agree on the fact that I found the basic version and see the motive. The motive is the activity Gandzyuk against one of the biggest corruption schemes of the local authorities and all who ordered this murder, who organized, we have”, – assured Lutsenko.

He recalled presented with suspicion to the former assistant of the Deputy from “Blok of Petro Poroshenko” Mykola Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky and noted that the Prosecutor General’s office also soon will announce a number of suspicions.

The attorney General noted that Gandzyuk was the victim of a crime for his “anti-corruption fuse.”

New suspect

In the end, the police have announced a suspect in the attack on Gandzyuk citizen Alexei Levin – real name Moskalenko. Levin – assistant to the Deputy of regional Council Nikolay Stavitsky, close to the head of the regional Council Vladislav Manger.

According to Lutsenko, Levine previously was convicted along with his father, his father received a life sentence, and his son – 15 years. He was accused of organization of murders and assaults on drivers in the Kherson region.

“The total number of proved murders – 15 people. Despite this, Levine is qualified by law Savchenko, but we have a suspicion whether it was justified,” – said the Prosecutor General.

According to investigators, that Levin was a key figure in organizing attacks on Gandzyuk.

He left Ukraine on the day when the police detained the first suspects in the case, said Lutsenko.

“We are doing everything to keep him on international assignments. But his absence will not affect the further investigation, which is close to legal proof of the customer’s activity”, – said the Prosecutor General.

MP Mustafa Nayem said that Levine is now in the Dominican Republic.

“Not once he was in the office of the organizer of the murder of Igor Pavlovsky; and according to unconfirmed information, it is the car of Nikolay Stavitsky came to Pavlovsk when it was revealed that the police detained the perpetrators,” – said the MP.

Nye is confident that Levin could not make a decision about the murder of the employee of city administration.

“According to some information, now Alexei Moskalenko-Levin enjoys the weather in the Dominican Republic, and his father quietly resides in the city and is actively involved in deforestation” – concluded the politician.

What do you think the lawyers

The family’s lawyer Gandzyuk Evgeny Zakrevsky believes that Lutsenko harm the consequence of his revelations in the press.

“I don’t think it’s normal to disclose the information disclosed to the attorney General. There is an article of the criminal code, which actually says not to do it,” she said.

Also Zakrevsky said he did not understand how can the consequence of to talk about establishing all of the defendants Gandzyuk.

“How can you talk about the confidence of the investigation in some way, if not even the first step – the delivery of the suspicion and the detention of the person”, – she said.

Zakrevsky recalled that the last detainee in the case – former assistant Deputy Nikolay Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky. That is, on the detention of organizers, which, according to Lutsenko, has already established, it is not.

In addition, she said that about Alexei Levin, whom Lutsenko was named a suspect in the case Gandzyuk, has long been known.

“And therefore question why he was not detained by the police directly at the time when it was established the involvement of, and it was made in August when he was arrested part of the performers. I don’t understand why he was not arrested before he escaped,” she said.

In Kherson all sad?

The Chairman of the Temporary investigative Commission of the Parliament in the case of Gandzyuk Borislav Birch also said he did not understand why Lutsenko reveals the details of the investigation.

Birch, went to Kherson, came to the conclusion that the authorities cooperate with the occupation authorities of the Crimea, there is a threat of loss of national statehood.

“We are in shock. Came to understand in the case of Katie Gandzyuk and dug deeper. According to the testimony of the Plenipotentiary of the President in Crimea Boris Babin, there is evidence of danger in terms of national Security and all signs of threat of loss of national statehood. Hell, hell and hell again,” wrote Birch in Facebook.

He added that the information obtained by the Commission of inquiry, is appalling.

“Smuggling to separable, from drug trafficking to the global corruption, from power spikes to crime to deforestation, cooperation with the occupation authorities of the Crimea to the runaway influence of the regions on the region. What’s going on here is not the bottom. It’s worse,” wrote Birch.

According to him, it is necessary to enter “a state of emergency because of the military provision of the improvements not given”.

The mayor of Kherson Vladimir Nikolaenko, the representative of the city Council Inna green said they fear for their lives, at the meeting of the temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada.

Where are the strings?

The organizers of the community “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?” claim that one of the defendants in the case of the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk, Chairman of the local “Batkivshchyna” and the head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Munger is trying to flee the country.

“The man who in some sources is listed as one of the probable customers of murder of the Chairman of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav Munger is trying to flee the country. Information from our sources. The press service of the person is silent and hidden” – note the organizers of the community.

In response, the Kherson regional Council said that its head Vladislav Munger is not a suspect in the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk, ran abroad, and is now on vacation.

Local media reported that people’s deputies who came to Kherson to understand business Gandzyuk, secretly followed. Thus, the closed part of the visiting session of the temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada in the case of Gandzyuk, which was held in the Kherson regional state administration, recorded with a hidden in the gym equipment.

According to the journalists, the record closed part of the meeting answered one of the advisers of the head of the Kherson regional Council, with experience in the SBU.


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