The Swede: I am Proud of that I was the first Ukrainian, who signed a contract with Celtic

Швед: Горжусь, что я первый украинец, подписавший контракт с Селтиком

Marian Swede commented on his transition to the Scottish Premiership.

21-year-old Marian Swede signed a contract with Celtic for 4.5 years, becoming the first Ukrainian in the history of the Scottish club.

In his interview to the club website, the Swede admitted that he was proud to be the first and promised to meet all expectations of the fans.

“I am very proud that I am here and that I was the first Ukrainian, who signed a contract with Celtic. I will do my best to be an example for Ukrainian players. I love to succeed on their own. I hope to be able to help the club to achieve important goals and give the fans a reason for joy.

Ahead of me waiting for a few months, but I come to a team confident and prepared.

This step is important for the Carpathians, that’s why I’m needed there as never before, to help the team. But I will also support Celtic and I hope that he will succeed by the end of the season.

In seltice I will feel at home because of the Carpathians, too, the green and white colors and they will always be in my heart.

I hope that my transition will also help more likely to play for the national team. Of course, everything depends on the coach, but I really hope that I play more for Ukraine.

Celtic is a club with tremendous history and I want to be a part of this story and continue to write.

I have received many messages from the Ukrainian community in Glasgow and was surprised that they found me and contacted. They’re glad I came. I was very pleased. I understand that for them it is important that the Ukrainian will play in Glasgow for Celtic. I will try to create a good opinion of himself, and as a Ukrainian, and as a football player,” said the Swede.


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