The Syrian army has advanced deep into the Eastern part of Aleppo

Сирийская армия продвинулась вглубь восточной части Алеппо

Assad’s army was able to move into the Eastern part of the city occupied by the rebels. On Sunday evening, the army launched an offensive on the neighborhoods of Sakhur, Haidari and Bistan al-Basha, reports the BBC Russian service.

Earlier on Sunday of the Syrian government forces regained control over strategic areas of Jabal, Badro and Masakin-Khan.

Masakin-Hanau was occupied by government troops Saturday, after heavy air raids. The fighting continued into Sunday.

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The rebels in response to intensified rocket attacks on the Western districts of Aleppo under the control of the Syrian army.

The Syrian army’s offensive continues with the support of the Shiite militias, funded by Iran, and the Russian aviation.

According to UK-based Syrian Observatory for human rights, during the storming of the quarter, 219 were killed civilians, including 27 children.

Representatives of Assad’s army, said that could narrow the corridor between the Northern and southern parts of the territory occupied by the rebels, to five hundred meters, thereby almost breaking field of military operations into two pieces.

Reported that several thousand civilians fled from areas where fighting is going on – how in the direction of the blocks controlled by the forces of Bashar al-Assad, and in the direction of areas held by rebel groups.

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According to available data, in Eastern Aleppo are still 275 of thousands of civilians.

As reported by Syrian human rights activists, almost all local hospitals in the East of Aleppo destroyed, lack of food and medicines.