The Syrian army has taken control of new areas in Eastern Aleppo

Сирийская армия взяла под контроль новые районы восточного Алеппо

The Syrian government army Bashar al Assad and allied troops advanced into new areas of Eastern Aleppo. About it reports Reuters.

The offensive was accompanied by powerful strikes on the militants. In particular, at the beginning of this day, Syrian government forces have been captured from the rebels and the district of Sheikh Saeed, the Saliheen and Karam al-Dada. Syrian troops say about the big decline of morale among the terrorists.

The head of the “Syrian Observatory for human rights,” Abdel Rahman said the Syrian army now “totally controls an important area” in Aleppo, controlling about 90% of the city, which was previously occupied by the militants, reports AFP.

Earlier, militant groups has received a proposal from the United States and Russia peacefully to retreat from Aleppo, together with the civilian population. However, Moscow has not confirmed the existence of an agreement.

An offensive by Syrian ground troops, assisted by air attacks in Russia last month has led to the fact that the rebels almost lost control of the city. Using air strikes killed hundreds of civilians and the international community condemned the attack.

Earlier, the militants IDIL captured from Syrian government forces of Palmyra. This happened after Syrian troops withdrew from positions in the city.