The Syrian army recaptured a rebel district in Aleppo

Сирийская армия отбила у повстанцев район в Алеппо

The Syrian army Sunday, November 27, reported on the transition of the district of Jabal, Badra in the Syrian city of Aleppo is under full control, says DW.

The publication notes that over the past two days this is the second victory of the army over opponents of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, who held the Eastern part of the city. If the Syrian army manages to capture all the Eastern districts of Aleppo, the Syrian government will again control all the major cities of the country.

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During the night on Sunday, November 27, in Eastern Aleppo, fighting continued between rebels and regime forces. Several hundreds of civilians fled from rebel controlled territory to the territory controlled by the army. At the same time part of civil ran into districts, which are still held by the rebels.

Blocked by government troops in the Eastern part of the city now estimated that there are more than 250 thousand people in conditions of shortage of food and medicine.

Earlier, the US state Department said about the responsibility of Russia for the bombing of Aleppo.

Note that the bombing of Russia in Aleppo November 25, killed 59 people and injured 137.

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