The system of video replays failed during Ronaldo goals for KCHM

Система видеоповторов провалилась во время гола Роналду на КЧМ

The innovation of FIFA with the introduction of videoassistance referee for the period of the club world Cup is still not working properly.

Looking at the balance of power in the KCHM, almost no one doubts that real Madrid will lift over a head the Cup, just as at the time raised the Champions League Cup.

Perhaps in order to add some spice to everything going on, FIFA decided to test the system of video replays.

In yesterday’s match Madrid vs. Mexican America (2:0) videoassisted referee for the first time in history intervened in the game, and he did it far better.

Concerns previously expressed by opponents of video replays in football on account of the fact that it will take too much time, confirmed. At least at this particular time.

In the 93 minute of the match against America Ronaldo scored the second goal against the Mexican team, after which the pitch was a real mess.

The referee pointed to the centre, and the Portuguese began to celebrate a goal. After that, the teams went to the centre circle to play the ball and hear the final whistle, however, there intervened videoassisted referee. Due to suspicion of offside Cristiano special referee began to watch a replay, however, to determine whether it was offside the referee managed not immediately. First, he signaled to the chief referee about the offside, and then changed his mind.

Within minutes the players went around the field not knowing what was happening. Exactly the same happened with the fans, who just wondered what does the referee.

In the end, the judge still left Ronaldo goal in force, gave America to play ball, and broke them dangerous attack the final whistle. Not the best debut of the video replay system in professional football, and, however, not the most quality work of teams of referees.

After the game several players of real Madrid, led by Zinedine Zidane, has expressed dissatisfaction with the work of the technology and stated that it needs serious revision. In particular Luka Modric said that such a system has nothing to do with football.

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