The TAG on the initiative of Ukraine on December 23, in Skype mode to discuss the release of the hostages – olifer

ТКГ по инициативе Украины 23 декабря в скайп-режиме обсудит освобождение заложников, - Олифер

Minsk, the place of meeting of the trilateral contact group

The trilateral contact group on the initiative of the Ukrainian side on December 23 to discuss the release of the hostages, reported in the Facebook press Secretary of Leonid Kuchma Daria olifer.

According to her, this year, the Ukrainian side managed to liberate 17 people. At the same time, Russia and the militants are blocking access of international organizations to illegally held in Russia and in the Donbas Ukrainians.

“The issue of liberation of our citizens will stand during the Skype-meetings of the Trilateral contact group, which at the request of the Ukrainian party to be held on Friday, December 23. We also demanded the release of 5 teenagers who were detained in Donetsk. Representatives of the ORDO promised to release them under house arrest until the New year. To bring this process out of the deadlock, we are ready to facilitate early release of the 15 people who are serving sentences for crimes committed in connection with the conflict in the Donbas. This proposal received a high assessment of the OSCE,” – said olifer.

At this meeting, the participants of the TAG in Minsk called for a ceasefire from December 24. Following the meeting in Minsk is scheduled for 15 January.