The technology of acceleration of an object up to 20% of the speed of light

Разработана технология разгона объекта до 20% скорости света

Scientists have found a way to propel an object to a record speed

This is feasible if you create the sails of silicon and silicon dioxide. They will help the object to accelerate.

A team of scientists closer to figuring out how to develop the impossible by today’s standards speed. For this purpose the sails of the artificial object must be created from a material including silicon and silicon dioxide. This writes ScienceAlert.

It is reported that the “sails” of this material will help to accelerate an object up to 20% of the speed of light, or 60 thousand kilometers per second.

For the dispersal meets the laser emitter, which bombards the “sail” pulses in the infrared range.

One of the problems involves the weight of the “sails” or “network”. When a large area it needs to be lightweight and durable, and also will need to deal with the heat. It is for this reason not suitable for these purposes, neither graphene nor aluminum.

Of the necessary materials – silicon and silicon dioxide – the researchers plan to create a nanomaterial. One of the components is able to deal with the heat at that time as the other is reflective.

However, the key is to present the determination of the component ratio. This will help to achieve optimal results.

Earlier it was reported that scientists discovered the strain in the magnetic field of the gas giant Jupiter.

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