The tendril is not going to change the citizenship of Ukraine

Усик не намерен менять гражданство Украины

Boxer sees no reason to change Ukrainian passport and said that did not apply to him with such proposals.

Boxer Alexander Usik in the air of 112 Ukraine stated that it did not intend to abandon the passport of citizen of Ukraine, even if there is a suggestion.

“I was never offered to change their citizenship. If I even suggested – I’m Ukrainian, why should I change citizenship? I have a country, a passport, a house, I have everything. I don’t need a passport, I can travel everywhere, and I do it. Let me the world will offer citizenship – I’m going to go anywhere and everything. I don’t want any other nationality but mine,” − said the athlete.

He also indicated that criticizes the government and is just doing his job.

“I don’t criticize our government because I do not need someone to criticize. I’m doing my job. I think it is necessary for each of us to come to that, not to criticize anyone, but to do their work,” said Usyk.

We will remind, earlier the Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation proposed to consider the option of issuing Usik Russian citizenship.

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