The third of the “supertall” can be covered with oceans

Треть "суперземель" может быть покрыта океанами

Scientists have studied thousands of earth-like exoplanets to determine how many of them have water.

Experts from Harvard University, headed by the scholar Li Zeng predicted the existence of hundreds of planets-the oceans. To do this, they analyzed data from four thousand exoplanets, says Goldschmidt Conference.

Space telescopes Kepler and Gaia was able to detect several thousands of exoplanets. Scientists have focused on “super-earths” – planets with much more Land, but not gas giants.

Research shows that the ratio of the radius and mass of the exoplanet with the earth, can predict the conditions on this planet. “Super-earths” with a full radius of the Earth and five times heavier than must have a hard surface. And twice as large planet (radius 2.5 and 10 masses) must be completely covered with oceans.

Scientists believe that one out of three “super-earths” is the planet ocean.

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