The threat in the Black sea. Supersonic missile Ukraine

Угроза в Черном море. Сверхзвуковая ракета Украины

Supersonic missile Bliskavka (Lightning)

The new Ukrainian development is aimed at the confrontation of the Russian fleet, experts say.

In Ukraine presented a new development design office of the South – supersonic guided missile Bliskavka, which according to preliminary data, already have government contracts.

Launch a missile of class air to surface available with the su-24M bomber and su-27, being a part of Air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine. The chap can knock both land and sea safe.

About hypersonic arms race began to speak with last year. In the US, this weapon should appear in a few years, China conducts tests, and Russia took him into service. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Confrontation with the black sea fleet

From 8 to 11 October in Kiev was an exhibition Arms and security-2019, on which experts of the Ukrainian design Bureau South presented a model of the supersonic rocket Chap.

The designers report that this aircraft guided missile of class air to surface has a penetrating high-explosive or high-explosive warhead, depending on the type of targets.

To apply the new rocket can not only supersonic front-line bomber su-24M, of which usually carry out launches of such weapons, but also a multi-purpose fighter su-27 and other similar models. The aircraft carriers will require a small upgrade, to assure KB.

According to independent experts, the design indicates the possibility of a flight at hypersonic speed. Bliskavka hypersonic, in particular, called the Russian Centre for analysis of strategies and technologies.

As writes one of the leading Chinese media Sohu, the developers of the new missile saying that its claimed performance is significantly higher than the Russian counterpart of the X-31.

One of the designers noted that the Chap faster and hits further than the Russian anti-ship missile Kh-31 that can reach a speed of Mach 3.5, the article says. However, the exact weight and size characteristics of Ukrainian missiles remain unknown.

The layout analysis of the Ukrainian supersonic anti-ship missiles, and its main counterparts allows to establish that the Chap has a cylindrical body and is equipped with a ramjet rocket engine, write Chinese journalists.

In the rocket used a system of two rectangular air intakes located on both sides of the body.

In a tail part in the form of the letter X has four small trapezoidal element of the tail, there is also a turbojet engine with afterburner.

Aerodynamic layout is similar to Lightning supersonic missile air-to-ground French production AMSP.

A new type of Ukraine created electromagnetic weapons

The publication suggests that the rocket will be carrying mostly Ukrainian su-27 and MiG-29.

The Lightning will have three types of guidance system and, therefore, will embody the features of three different types of missiles: anti-ship missiles with radar homing, anti-radar missiles with radar homing missiles air-to-ground laser homing.

The publication concludes that Ukraine holds Bliskovka hopes that she will be able to perform a wide range of combat tasks. However, it will be a daunting task, because only in this year on the arms of Ukraine received a subsonic anti-ship cruise missile of its own production of the Neptune.

“Using Lightning Ukraine expects to create a threat to the unchallenged ruling the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation. Russia has a wealth of experience in the development and use of missiles of this type, but not the fact that they have high defenses,” the article says.

Military commentator of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, a retired Colonel Victor Baranets said Russia “‘ve been watching the vain attempts of the Ukrainian defense industry to create this rocket.”

“There are more ambitious policy than the real possibilities of Ukrainian specialists… When we had cooperation, things were moving, but when ruptured, the possibility of Ukrainian rolled 50 years ago,” – said Baranets.

Ukrainian military expert Oleg Zhdanov, in turn, claims that the world has no means of countering missiles Chap.

“This new generation of anti – ship missiles,” – he said in the commentary edition of the Browser.

Zhdanov said that the speed of a supersonic anti-ship missiles is on the order of 2-2,5 thousand kilometers per hour, which is twice the speed of sound.

The “means to counter such missiles today in the world virtually no. With the supersonic missile is very difficult to fight. For example, Israel’s Iron dome intercepts only subsonic missiles,” – said the expert.

At the same time, the expert stressed that the prospects of the missile Bliskavka depend on the situation.

“If a decision is made to defend or attack, they will, of course, be applied,” he said.

It is also worth noting that in March of this year the American edition of Popular Mechanics citing a source in the rocket and space industry of Ukraine reported that CB South is developing for Saudi Arabia hypersonic reusable space system to launch small satellites.

Угроза в Черном море. Сверхзвуковая ракета Украины

CB South

The project of space system assumes the start-up of semitones orbital rockets with a 30-ton hypersonic aircraft.

The separation of the missile from the vehicle must occur at a height of 25-30 kilometers, when the last moving 4-6 times faster than the speed of sound at an angle of 40-50 degrees to the horizon. This system includes launch satellites heavier than 100 kilograms from a height of about 500 kilometers.

The newspaper separately noted that unmanned hypersonic aircraft-carrier needs to obtain ramjet engine, launched after turbojet engines dispersed the aircraft to high speeds.


Hypersonic arms race in the world

Division of aircraft at subsonic, supersonic and hypersonic has a fairly strong physical basis and reflects the essence of phenomena in the interaction of LA to the air: flight at hypersonic speeds are also fundamentally different from the flight on supersonic, as the last – from the flight at subsonic speeds

Hypersonic aircraft called the machine, which could fly in the atmosphere at a speed greater than or equal to five Mahi and maneuver using aerodynamic forces.

Today, the United States, Russia, China and European countries are actively developing new hypersonic systems. Experts say that a new arms race began in March 2018 after the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the creation of unique weapons, including hypersonic.

So, it was reported that Russia has adopted a rocket X-47M2 Dagger, which is positioned as hypersonic. As the carrier of the product acts as a modernized Soviet MiG-31.

In Russia also developing hypersonic missile for the Navy Zircon. Its prospects are not yet known.

In turn, US Ground forces want to receive future universal hypersonic facility, which could be applied to existing systems. Similar plans are in the air force and the U.S. Navy.

Detail to the material United States behind: a hypersonic arms race.


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