The title number is prohibited in Ukraine, Russian films

Названо количество запрещенных в Украине российских фильмов

Of the state for four years, banned the 780 Russian films

Thanks to the ban of the Ukrainian information space was cleansed of Russian propaganda, according to the state.

Over the past four years, the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie banned the 780 Russian films and TV series. On Friday, October 5, said the press service of the state.

“In General, starting from August 2014 (…) today, the state was prohibited 780 films and TV series containing promotion or propaganda organs of the aggressor state and the punitive organs of the USSR, the creation of which was attended by the persons included in the List of persons posing a threat to national security, as well as the production of the aggressor state after January 1, 2014,” – said the Agency.

The theater also noted that such steps have led to clearing of the Ukrainian information space from Russian propaganda, contributed to the emergence of the mass production of domestic content, caused significant financial losses to Russian producers of movies and TV series.

Napomnim, in the early years of the state imposed new restrictions on Russian films.

Also in Ukraine has expanded the list of prohibited books. At the moment it 210 name.

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