The tomb of Jesus Christ is preserved intact – the scientists

Гробница Иисуса Христа сохранилась неповрежденной – ученые

Scientists have removed the plate from the tomb of Christ

To such conclusion scientists have come, having studied the Shrine, after the scene of the burial was removed the marble slab.

Archaeologists studying the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, believe that part of the alleged tomb of Jesus Christ remains intact over time, writes National Geographic.

“We can’t say 100%, but it looks like visual proof that the location of the tomb has not changed over time – the question that scientists and historians have thought for decades,” – said the archaeologist Fredrick hibert.

The former chief archaeologist of Jerusalem, Dan Bahat stated that it is impossible with complete confidence to assert the authenticity of this place as a place of burial of Christ. However, according to him, “there is no other object in respect of which you could say is at least with the same base”.

There was a video of the opening of the tomb of Jesus Christ

Earlier it was reported that archaeologists first removed the marble slab with the alleged burial bed of Jesus Christ.