The top 30 most powerful. The day of the Ukrainian army

В топ-30 самых сильных. День украинской армии

Ukraine celebrates Armed forces Day. Корреспондент.net on this occasion, gathered interesting facts about the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian army has changed a lot since 2014. It is not surprising, this army started to fight, she stands out much more funds.

As Ukraine celebrates the Day of the APU?


With the holiday of Ukrainian troops have already congratulated the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, Secretary of national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

The President noted that thanks to the military hundreds of Ukrainian cities and tens thousand villages and settlements have the opportunity to live a peaceful life.

At the same time, in his congratulatory message Turchinov said that the reform and development of the APU is a state priority. He added that our task is in accordance with NATO standards to build strength and the means necessary to protect the country and restore its territorial integrity.

“Ukrainians are proud of their knights defenders that have thwarted the Kremlin’s plans to destroy our country. Thanks to each of you, the Ukrainian army has been reborn from the ashes and is now able to fight back any provocation of the aggressor, having occupied a worthy place among the largest armies in the world” – quoted Turchynov press service of the NSDC.

“Today is the celebration of the Ukrainian defenders – the day of Armed forces of Ukraine. Thank you for having the courage to defend our independence,” he congratulated soldiers APU Groisman.

A strong army

In the international ranking of the strongest armies in the world from Global Firepower for 2018 Ukrainian Armed forces take position 29 of 136 (between Greece and Czech Republic).

Among 33 European armies of Ukraine – first and ten 8 line rating.

The rating also considers the human resources of the country; the current capacity of its land, naval and air forces; the logistical capabilities of the state (including troop movements); fuel resources; financial capabilities and defense spending, as well as geography.

According to the survey, about 15.7 million Ukrainians of the 44 million population is theoretically suitable for military service, military age annually reach more than 480 thousand people.

В топ-30 самых сильных. День украинской армии


More and more

According to the defense Ministry of Ukraine, the number of Mat increased from 168 thousand in 2013 to 255 thousand in 2018.

The number of reservists Ukraine ranks ninth in the world, ahead of even the United States. Larger military reserve have only North Korea, South Korea, Vietnam, India, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil and Cuba.

According to Lieutenant General Igor Pavlovsky, Deputy Minister of defense of Ukraine, the number of the operational reserve of the first stage is 178 thousand people.

This is a record figure since, in 2006 was introduced the military service in the reserve forces of Ukraine.

Spending on a army is now in Ukraine, also a record. If in 2013 on the needs of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine was allocated 18.8 billion or $ 2.4 billion at the exchange rate of that time, in 2019 these expenses planned in excess of $ 102 billion or $ 3.6 billion. It is the largest amount in the history of VSU and the Ministry of defense of independent Ukraine.

But experts say that spending on the army even more. “We say that 5% of the GDP goes to defence, but in fact the army gets a maximum of 2.6%, because we have only defence, security, all power structures is 5%. We understand that for the money of the APU, which is today, may exist. We are talking about wages, clothing, food, etc. So to speak, dressed, shod, and laid to sleep. And all this we can only maintain for budget money”, – says military expert Oleg Zhdanov. For modernization and re-equipment of the Armed Forces, according to experts, these funds are insufficient, the desired target state program.

В топ-30 самых сильных. День украинской армии


The Deputy Director of the Center for army, conversion and disarmament Michael Samus notes that Ukraine has allocated for the defense sector more than all the countries of Europe, in terms of percentage of GDP.

“Nearly 17 billion hryvnia for the purchase and modernization of armament is also quite optimal amount. It is about $ 600 million and we can talk about some buying new equipment. If we take into account the US aid – about $ 300 million, and there are international programs implemented to help APU, it turns out the amount is close to sufficient to systematically upgrade military equipment. If we make it to a billion dollars, in 3-5 years Ukraine will be able to upgrade equipment of the land forces, air defense”, – the expert believes.

“The army is never enough spending. We would always like more. All would like to change to F-35 and arm robotic systems, but this is unrealistic. We are a transit country in the transit period, but still subject to a hybrid of aggression. Well, at least the money is there. In General, the army their mission of deterring Russian aggression, performs, and the task of the army to prevent war, not the war itself. Once the big war started, then the APU, this task is performed. Of course, this budget compromise, but this compromise in favor of the army, and not Vice versa,” – says military expert Alexey arestovich.

The trust of the population

According to opinion polls, the army, the army is one of the leaders among public and state institutions the level of trust of Ukrainians.

The biggest trust of Ukrainians have volunteer organizations (66,7%), Church (64,4%) and the Armed forces of Ukraine (57.3 percent), according to a study of the sociological service of the Razumkov Center.

A quarter of the Armed forces of Ukraine women. Of the total number of APU 225 thousand people more than 55 thousand women. From them 25 thousand military personnel and the rest civilian staff employee of the APU. Almost 3.4 thousand of Ukrainian military have officer ranks.

About 224 thousand Ukrainians received the status of combatants in the ATO in the Donbas.