The TOP cinemas in the capital: where to watch a movie in Kiev

ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Best movie theaters in Kiev, photos, prices and addresses

One of the first places in the list of entertainment is watching a movie. Innovations in the film industry usually meet in a movie theater.

Of course, in another month the film can be viewed online or find it a pirated copy, but the special atmosphere that prevails in the cinema, at home to feel impossible.

In the capital there are a dozen popular destinations, where you can contemplate the next blockbusters. Best cinemas in Kiev are not only in the center, most of them are located in major malls in residential areas.

Where to watch a movie in Kiev will tell In the collection there are no winners, a list of the top cinema – arbitrary.

Cinema network MULTIPLEX

ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Cinema network MULTIPLEX / photo:

MULTIPLEX is one of the major networks not only in Kiev but also in Ukraine. 24 cinema chain located in 16 regions of the country. In the capital – 7, each with modern spectator facilities technology: dual image projection, three-dimensional image 3D and the Twins, virtual reality.

Rooms are divided into comfort zone: normal; seat LUX with Seating recliner, which provide increased comfort for visitors with disabilities; for VIPs. MULTIPLEX daily visited by 25 thousand people, is 750 screenings.

Where: Lavina Mall, berkovetska str, 6D; Sky Mall, General Vatutin Ave, 2 T; Avenue, street of Hnat Khotkevych, 1V, Atmosphere, building, Stolichnoe shosse 103; Caravan, ul. meadow, 12; Komod, ul, 4A; Rive Gauche, zdolbunovskaya, 17.

Sessions: 10.00-23.00

Cost: 45-150 UAH. Pupils, students and pensioners can attend the retreat at a reduced 10 UAH. the cost of tickets. After 23: 00 ticket price – UAH 45-65.

To order tickets: 0800-505-333

KC Cinema

ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

KC Cinema / photo:

Cinema in the heart of the capital started to work in 1952. “Kiev” is a very atmospheric place that appeals to young people of Kiev. Today there are three halls: blue and red with the technology of Dolby Digital EX and DVD hall “Cinematheque”. In the cinema, comfortable seats with armrests and holders for popcorn/drinks.

Where: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 19.

Sessions: 9.00-22.30

Cost: 50-120 UAH. In some days of the week students, pupils and pensioners provide a 25% discount.

To order tickets: 044 234 7381

Cinema “Oscar”

ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Cinema “Oscar” / photo:

“Oscar” in “dream town” – a huge complex on the 4000 square meters to experience the best cinema in the area Obolon. In addition to the eight cinemas with Seating Cineplex and modern Christie’s, popcorn bar and snack bar. Tapes are demonstrated in 2D and 3D format.

“Oscar” in “Gulliver” is equipped with sound system, Dolby Atmos, Dolby produced for an ultra-realistic viewing experience and chairs D-Box, which move synchronously with the image on the screen. 6 in the cinema halls, including the VIP, there is also a children’s room, a popcorn bar, Hitchcook, accessories store, D-Store.

This year is expected to open a third cinema in the shopping center “Smart Plaza” on the CRPD.

Where: Dream Town Mall, 3rd floor, Obolonskiy Prospekt, 1B; “Gulliver” shopping Mall, 7th floor, Sportivnaya str. 1A.

Sessions: 10.00-22.40

Cost: 55-140 UAH. For students, schoolchildren and pensioners on weekdays for day sessions and receive a 25% discount.

To order tickets: 044 520 55 35; 044 364 06 10.


ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Cinema Sputnik / photo:

The cinema is located in Solomenskiy district, is a modern 6-screen multiplex. Demonstrations are held on the unique screens with high brightness in 2D and 3D using special glasses with a stereoscopic effect.

Cinema halls are equipped with comfortable pillow-chairs with special holders for popcorn and drinks. In some halls rise the armrests and the separation between the seats disappear. In the theater works alcohol and popcorn bars with menus for all tastes.

Where: St. Iskra, 18.

Sessions: 10.00-23.00

Cost: 40 UAH. in 2D, 3D from 45 UAH. In some days of the week students, pupils, pensioners and disabled persons can purchase tickets at social prices.

To order tickets: 044 243 4632


ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Cinema butterfly / photo:

The network of cinemas “butterfly” – is a modern 6 complexes, 3 of which are directly in Kiev, and also in Hatne, Brovary and S. Khodosivka. The largest, 9 meeting rooms, is located in the shopping center “Cosmopolitan”, the smallest – 4. All cinema halls installed wide screens, with a special twist and bend.

In “butterfly” working snack bars, children’s play room. In some complexes, for example, in the shopping center “Ultramarine” full dinner in the panoramic restaurant or bowling alley.

Where: TC Ultramarine, St. V. Lypkivskyi, 1A; TC “Cosmopolitan”, V. Getman St.,6; Antonovich, 50.

Sessions: 10.00-23.00

Cost: 55-165 UAH. In the morning hours discounts. Also at a reduced cost can be requested for pupils and students, pensioners.

To order tickets: 044 206 03 62, 044 200 90 18, 044 206 13 22

Line movie

ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Line movie / photo:

A network of three small cinemas in major shopping malls of Kiev, and one movie theater chain is located in Ivano-Frankivsk. In each of the institutions in the three comfortable rooms equipped with German projector “Kinoton”, which provides high quality picture and sound. The prices of tickets for film screenings are among the lowest in the capital, which provides institutions an endless stream of visitors.

Where: the Aladdin Mall, street Grishko, 5; TC metropolis, Malinovskogo, 12; TTS, Magellan, PR-t Glushkova, 13-B.

Sessions: 10.00-23.00

Cost: 45-90 UAH. For pupils, students and retired people-a 25% discount on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12:00 to 18:00. The system of accumulation of bonuses.

To order tickets: 050 355 5731, 044 585 1405, 044 200 0190

Kievan Rus

ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Kyivska Rus / photo:

Cinema in one of the most densely populated districts of Kiev near metro “Lukyanivska”. Here movies are shown in the classic format in 3D. There are two large halls. High quality sound is achieved with Dolby Digital. In the “Kievan Rus” Ukraine’s largest screen. In the cinema café you can enjoy a game of Billiards.

Where: Sichovykh Striltsiv St 93.

Sessions: 10.00-22.00

Cost: 55-140 UAH discount system.

To order tickets: 044 486-74-74

Planet movie

ТОП кинотеатров столицы: где смотреть кино в Киеве

Planet movie / photo:

A network of seven theaters in Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv and Sumy. In the capital cinema is located in the RC “Blockbuster”. “Planeta Kino” cinema featured films in cinemas with the special geometry of IMAX. There is a large screen of concave shape, the height of a five-story building.

The image is broadcast from two projectors, modern sound system is configured in such a way that what is happening could be heard equally clearly from any corner of the room. Films are shown in the following formats: 2D, 3D and 4D. In the “Planet cinema” is kinorestoran RE LUX, kinomarket.

Where: prospect of Stepan Bandera, 34B.

Sessions: 10.00-22.00

Cost: 60-220 UAH.

To order tickets: 0800 300 600

More recently, one of the most popular cinemas in the capital was “Ukraine”, located in the city center on the street Gorodetsky, 5. But from 1 October 2018 the institution is closed. The building that housed the theater was sold and it is unknown whether the new owners to open “Ukraine” again.

From 1 October this year ceased to exist in the cinema “Kinopanorama”, which is located at Shota Rustaveli.

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