The transit through the GTS of Ukraine has fallen by a quarter

Транзит через ГТС Украины обвалился на четверть

The load on the gas transportation system of Ukraine decreased

The last time the rate of transit of gas below 200 million cubic meters per day was in September 2016.

The transit of Russian natural gas through the gas transportation system (GTS) of Ukraine since the beginning of the second decade of July fell by 24.7%. This is evidenced by the operational data of Ukrtransgaz.

So, if during 1-10 July the average daily value of the transit through the GTS of Ukraine amounted to 256,7 million cubic meters, recorded on July 11 fall to 193,4 million cubic meters.

In comparison with 5-7 July, when the transit was the highest since the winter of indicators 270,7-270,9 million cubic meters per day, on 11 July there was a decrease by 28.6%.

The last time the rate of gas transit through Ukrainian territory below the 200 million cubic metres per day was recorded in September 2016.

According to calculations by Interfax-Ukraine, the drop in transit recorded at gas metering stations (GIS) Uzhgorod (Slovak corridor). So, if the average value for the first ten days of July in this area amounted to 160,6 million cubic meters, 11 July – 89,8 million cubic meters (down 44.1%).

According to the head of East European Gas Analysis Mikhail Korchemkin, the reduction of transit through Ukraine is associated with is scheduled for July 11-16, the Slovak operator Eustream maintenance of gas pipelines using GIS Velke kapushany.

“During this period transit capacity will decrease at 107.5 million cubic meters per day,” he wrote in his blog on Livejournal.

In turn, Advisor to the Minister of energy and coal industry Maxim Belyavsky in the comments noted that in parallel with the decline in applications for gas transit through the Ukrainian gas transportation system has increased the download of the Belarusian section of the gas pipeline Yamal – Europe.

“While working in the mode of last year, that is, reduced demand which we continue to perform,” he said.

As reported Корреспондент.netfor the first six months of 2017, Ukraine increased gas transit through the GTS under the contract with Gazprom by 21.5%, or more than 8 billion cubic meters to 45.7 billion cubic meters in comparison with the same period in 2016.

Earlier, Naftogaz of Ukraine called the condition for purchases of gas from Russia.

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