The transition to summer 2019: when daylight saving in Ukraine

Переход на летнее время 2019: когда переводят часы в Украине

When the daylight saving time in Ukraine

In the world more than 60 countries and territories apply the principle of daylight saving/winter time. In Europe are considering the option to abandon it.

Spring in Ukraine is traditionally switching to the summer. The clock in this case are transferred for the hours ahead.

In 2019 as Ukraine will switch to summer time on the last Sunday of March – from 30 to 31 number.

Traditionally, the clocks went forward an hour at 3am. It is worth remembering that from this time on Sunday 31st March all vehicles there are in summer time.

The effect of the transfer hours. How to cope

The vast majority of people do not prepare for the transition to summer time, so they sleep one hour less. Because of this, the body is susceptible to stress, the nervous system never rests and there are problems with health.

In severe cases, the translation of the shooter can cause depression, lead to increased fatigue and poor health.

To avoid this, you need to take a few simple rules. A week before the transfer arrows go to bed 15-30 minutes earlier than usual. Avoid the psychological and physical strain, which may aggravate the DST.

It is useful to give up coffee in the afternoon, alcohol and junk food. It is better to replace fresh vegetables and fruits. It is useful to go for an evening walk and not use gadgets an hour before bedtime.

Earlier it was reported that the EU decided last time to go in summer, spring 2019, but later in the European Union have decided not to cancel transfer of hours in 2019. It was also reported that more than 80% of Europeans for the abolition of the transfer clock.

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