The trial began for the murder Boronenkov

Начался суд по делу об убийстве Вороненкова

The investigation of the murder Boronenkov lasted more than a year

The case itself is divided into two episodes. Now the court considers the first part about Alexander Moose and Yaroslav Tarasenko.

In Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev began preliminary hearing on the murder of the former Deputy of the state Duma of Russia Denis Boronenkov, said on Wednesday, June 13, Country.

The case itself is divided into two parts. Now the court considers the first part about Alexander Moose and Yaroslav Tarasenko.

Separate it comes to likely customers – Vladimir Tyurin, Yury Vasilenko and Yaroslav Levents. Figures on the wanted list and the investigation is ongoing.

Today the court plans to consider the question of acceptance or not of the indictment. In addition, the expected extension of a measure of restraint to the Elk and Tarasenko, the arrest of which expire June 15. On the same day exceed the terms of a pretrial investigation in the case.

Lawyer Elk Svyatoslav Parkhomenko said the withdrawal of one of the judges, explaining that a long time had friendly relations with the judge. However, the court denied the petition.

It is noted that the investigators believe that Tarasenko picked up the killer Paul Barsova to the scene of the murder and then tried to cover up the crime (the car). Moose a consequence imposes on surveillance of Voronenkova.

The motive for the Commission of a crime by Elk and Tarasenko States the consequence of selfish motives, any mention of “Russian trace” in their episodes of care no.

Recall that Voronenkov was killed on 23 March 2017 at hotel in the center of Kiev. Unknown opened fire when Boronenkov with the guard was walking on the sidewalk. Both were injured, but the guard was able to use weapons in response and wounded the attacker. Boronenkov died on the spot, the killer is in the hospital.

The dead killer was a member of ATO, Ukrainian citizen born in 1988 Paul Parsow.


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