The trial of Yanukovych, under threat – GPU

Рассмотрение дела Януковича под угрозой – ГПУ

It is likely that all the material will listen to again, said the Deputy Prosecutor General.

Following the creation of the district courts, it is likely that the case against the former President, Viktor Yanukovych, will be considered first. On Tuesday, January 9, said Deputy Prosecutor General Evgeny ENIN the channel 5.

“We Express our concern about the results of creating the district courts. Remain an open question of Affairs that Yanukovich, as in connection with the establishment of the County court there is a probability that all the materials will listen again,” said ENIN.

He added that prosecutors cannot prevent all the resonant cases are heard first.

As reported Корреспондент.net, the PGO suspects Yanukovych of treason. As evidence acts as a photocopy of his statement of 1 March 2014 with a request to send Russian troops into the country. Also to the investigation of the events of the Maidan will be a part of the whole interview of the former President.

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