The truck broke through the cordon “eurobserv” at the checkpoint Yagodin

Фуры прорвали кордон "евробляхеров" в пункте пропуска Ягодин

“Euroshare” lit tires at the checkpoint Yagodin

Protesters threw in the car burning tires. The driver responded by yelling from the cockpit – “I will cut you all!”.

On the border with Poland at the checkpoint Yagodyn in Volyn region drivers of heavy vehicles broke through the cordon “eurobserv”, which blocked the road. This is reported by Volyn news on Monday, November 26.

It is noted that “euroshare” lit tires, but soon agreed to allow the trucks – three at the hour on each side.

“One of the truck drivers decided not to wait for their turn to travel and went through the crowd, almost with people. This extremely angered the protesters. They began to stop the car and throw it all sorts of things, including burning tires. The driver responded by yelling from the cockpit – “I’ll have to cut it!””, – stated in the message.

In the end, the driver who went out of turn, broke through the blockade, and behind him drove five trucks.

Also intervened in the situation, the police special forces. The crowd started to fight. Law enforcement officers extinguished the power bus.

We will remind that on 25 November the owners of cars with foreign registration began to block the crossings on the Western border. For the last day in Ukraine is not allowed more than 200 “EuroBLECH”. On Monday, the rally continued.

Also on 26 November it became known that the drivers of the trucks for a few hours blocked the road to the protesters “eurobserv” near the checkpoint in Rawa-Ruska.

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