The Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed because of a failed maneuver.

Самолет Ту-154 Минобороны РФ потерпел крушение из-за неудачного маневра, - источник

Operation in the Black sea to find the wreckage of the Tu-154

The Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed in the Black sea on 25 December, the time of the accident tried to make the maneuver to the right and flying at speeds over 500 km/h with a badly nose. About it reports “TASS”, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

“The accident occurred when the pilots were removed mechanization. Thus according to yet unknown reasons the plane went with a large pitch angle. Apparently, there was a stall with tier during the maneuver to the right. The result at the end of the turn he collided with the surface of the water with the left roll at about 510 km/h”, – told the Agency interlocutor.

As reported by another source close to the investigation of the tragedy, “the Tu-154 was too much angle of attack and chatted from side to side.”

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Sources do not rule out that the accident could happen because of a combination of several reasons at the same time, one of them they called the wrong actions of the crew and the failure of one engine.

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The pitch angle is the angle between the longitudinal (nose to tail) axis of the aircraft and the horizontal plane. When a large positive pitch angle (nose raised) the aircraft may enter the critical indicators and lose buoyancy, happens so-called stall level.

Recall that the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed in the morning of December 25 after taking off from Adler. On Board were 92 people: artists of the Academic ensemble of song and dance. Alexandrov, journalists, soldiers and 8 crew members. Dec 26, in Russia, was declared a national mourning for the dead.