The Turkish Minister called the actions of the Dutch authorities of illegal and inhuman

Турецкий министр назвала действия властей Нидерландов незаконными и бесчеловечными

Minister of family and social policies of Turkey Fatma Betul Kaya Saiyan

The actions of the authorities of the Netherlands are illegal, antidemocratic and inhuman. This was stated by Minister of family Affairs and social policies of Turkey Fatma Betul Saiyan Kaya, sent the day before from the Netherlands to Germany, at a joint press conference with the Minister of energy and natural resources of Turkey Berat Albaraka after arriving in Istanbul, Anadolu reports.

“As a Minister with a diplomatic passport, I was planning to meet with Turkish citizens in the Netherlands in the territory of the Consulate General, which is considered Turkish territory. Under international law, no permission for such meetings is not required,” the Minister said.

“As a woman and as a Minister, I was faced with the very harsh actions of the police in the Netherlands. Tragicomic that this incident occurred just three days after International women’s day – March 8,” said Kaya.

“The actions of the authorities of the Netherlands inhuman and far from ethical norms. We survived a very difficult night in the country where people love to speculate about democracy, human rights and freedom of speech”, – the Minister added.

The clerk noted that he had been detained the charge d’affaires of Turkey, who has the rank of Ambassador. “In addition, were detained five employees of my security. Police of the Netherlands brought us out of the car and taken to the center of the police on the border with Germany. We held there for a half hour. We encountered a very rude and ill-treatment,” said Fatma Betul Kaya Saiyan.

The Minister noted that the world community must strongly condemn the actions of the authorities of the Netherlands. With open criticism should act and Western politicians.

In turn, Berat Albayrak called the actions of the authorities of the Netherlands a direct threat to the future of Europe. “As a state of law, Turkey will take all necessary counter measures against the official Amsterdam”, – said the Minister.

Recall that in the Netherlands the police refused to let in Turkish Consulate General Minister of Turkey. An hour before that the Netherlands refused to permit the landing of the plane of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu.

To the Turkish Consulate General in Rotterdam came about 1 million people with Turkish flags, they expressed support to the Turkish authorities. The Dutch police used water cannons to disperse a protest against the actions of the Dutch authorities against the Turkish officials.

Details of the scandal between the Netherlands and Turkey, read the material

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