The Turkish Parliament ratified the agreement on the construction of “Turkish stream”

Парламент Турции ратифицировал соглашение о строительстве "Турецкого потока"

The Turkish Parliament voted to ratify the intergovernmental agreement with Russia on gas pipeline “Turkish stream”. The decision was supported by 210 MPs of 223, the newspaper Milliyet.

Seven deputies were against, and six abstained.

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Earlier, Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the beginning of the laying of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” is scheduled for 2017, and all necessary permits to start work already.

September 14, Gazprom said on receipt of permission for construction of the offshore section of Turkish stream.

We will remind that on October 10, Turkey and Russia signed an intergovernmental agreement on the gas pipeline “Turkish stream”.

“Turkish stream” project of the international gas pipeline with a capacity of up to 32 billion cubic meters of gas per year. The project envisages that the pipe will be laid under the Black sea from Anapa region of Russia to Turkey. Then on the border of Turkey and Greece is the construction of a gas hub through which the gas would be sent to European countries. Thus, the pipeline will allow Russia to diversify supplies of natural gas to Europe and reduce the dependence of suppliers and buyers from transit countries, particularly from Ukraine. Head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV declared that the construction of “Turkish stream” carries certain risks for Ukraine, however, considers this project “on 90% bluff”.

Earlier in the incident with a Russian military aircraft su-24, which is 24 November he shot down the Turkey for violating its airspace, Moscow imposed a number of restrictive measures against Ankara. In particular, Russia has suspended talks with Turkey on the prospect of the project “Turkish stream.”

Парламент Турции ратифицировал соглашение о строительстве "Турецкого потока"