The turnout in local elections is 21.4% Support

Явка на местных выборах составляет 21,4% - Опора

Ukraine holds local elections

Observers recorded a blank ballot and other violations.

As of 12 hours: voter turnout in local elections amounted to 21.4%. This was reported by the coordinator of electoral and parliamentary programs of the Civil network OPORA Olha aivazovska, reports UKRINFORM.

“As 12 hours, according to observers of the Support, the turnout – 21, 4% with an error of 2.3%. This is a generalized turnout for all 201 GSS,” said Aivazovsky.

According to her, identified by observers organizations of violations. 7.4% of the plots had cases of issuing ballots without passports.

In addition, 85.6 per cent of the PEC started the preparatory meeting not sooner than 45 minutes prior to the start of voting, providing observers and other stakeholders of the electoral process, the ability to control the preparation of polling stations for early voting.

“Almost 6% of the PEC did not conduct the Protocol of the preparatory meeting. And we also recorded almost 2% of those of the PEC, where the start of voting was delayed from 8 hours to 8 hours 30 min. that is, in some places this is due to errors or problems, in particular, recorded the ballots, in violation of or poor quality of printing work which led up to the ambiguous action on the part of precinct election commissions”, – said the representative of SUPPORT.

Aivazovsky also noted that even observers recorded a blank ballot. There were other violations, in particular, in the Kherson region on the plot there is officials that gather information and control the electoral process, although the law on local elections exclude illegal interference of officials.

“There are such facts as the lack of safes for the preservation of the electoral documentation”, – she added.

Recall, 29 October in Ukraine held the first elections of deputies of village, settlement, city councils and village, settlement and city heads in 201 of the United territorial community